Athena Media is an award winning creator of digital audiobooks, available online through international platforms like Audible or Amazon . 


Athena Media produced its first Audible book The Summit by Pat Falvey in 2014 and since then we have worked again with adventurer Pat Falvey on the publication of his motivation audiobook You Have the Power.


In 2017 Athena Media completed its first audiobook for Random House and recorded and produced Irish author Ruth Fitzmaurice reading her memoir I Found My Tribe which is available physically or as an audiobook which is now available on Audible.


We have a range of audiobooks in Audible including a poetry collection Bar Talk by Irish poet Nessa O’Mahony and Oscar Wilde’s fairytales The Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant read by Irish composer and artist Michael Gallen. We have also worked with the best selling author Denise Deegan and developed her first audiobook around a Christmas short story.


Athena Media’s audiobooks also include commissions from University College Dublin around the work of James Joyce. In January 2014 we produced an audiobook of Joyce’s acclaimed short story The Dead read by actor Barry McGovern. This was later broadcast on RTÉ lyric fm and won a narration award at the New York Radio Festival.


More recently we have produced an audiobook of Joyce’s ground breaking novel A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man, again for UCD, and read by Barry and his actor son Sam McGovern. This unique audiobook was released in December 2016 to celebrate 100 years of Joyce’s novel and it is now a finalist in this year’s New York Radio Festival for best audiobook narration.