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Project: Joyce Podcasts & Microsite & Online Video IVRLA

Athena Media has been working with the UCD Humanities Institute and Vermillion Design on the creation of an Ipad app which launched January 6th 2014, the app will allow old and new audiences to enjoy Joyce’s short story “The Dead” in an easily accessible and highly interactive way. The app is a follow on to the Joyce’s Dublin podcast series and micro site Athena Media & the UCD Humanities Institute launched in 2009. In addition to the app, esteemed actor Barry McGovern’s full reading of “The Dead”, produced by Athena Media, broadcast by Lyric FM on the 5th of January. View the news story here.

Joyce's the Dead App

In 2010, Athena Media created a showreel for the Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive (IRVLA) illustrating its work and achievements. In addition Athena Media made four videocasts where leading academics talk about the archive objects which have been digitized from letters and manuscripts to pictures and audio. To view our work on this project click here

In 2009, Athena Media, worked to the specifications and remit of Professor Gerardine Meaney in UCD, was commissioned to create and produce 6 audio podcasts, duration 8-10 each, as part of a Joyce podcast channel called Joyce’s Dublin, which would be distributed through a microsite.

The blog site called Joyce’s Dublin is linked to UCD’s site and to the UCD James Joyce Studies site being created by Professor Ann Fogarty.

The audio podcasts were produced like mini audio dramas. Carefully scripted and produced, they employed professional talent as voices and mix voice, music and sound effects to create a sensual experience of Joyce’s Dublin. The first 5 podcasts will be based around Joyce’s short story collection Dubliners and in particular the final story The Dead. the sixth and final podcast is a walking tour of Dublin, visiting the sites in 'The Dead', narrated by Barry McGovern

the project extends learning and stimulates interest and knowledge about Joyce, his work and his native city. It draws listeners back to both his work and the archive resources and is essential listening for undergraduate students of Joyce and anyone seeking to begin their literary enjoyment of Joyce with Dubliners.

The podcasts will create evergreen content which will support and enrich the UCD academic brand and serve the public interest in terms of extending understanding, knowledge and insight into one of Ireland’s greatest literary forces.

The site launched on December 16th 2009. Click on the link below to visit the site.