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Athena has helped sharpen our organisation's mission and vision, enhanced our media performance and helped us identify a clearer vision about how to reach our most important constituencies.quotation mark

Matthew Hamilton, Director of Operations and Public Affairs, Headstrong

Clients - Dublin City Council / RTÉ Lyric FM

Project: Wilde Stories

Wilde Stories is an artistic transmedia project around Oscar Wilde's children's stories “The Happy Prince and Other Tales" (1888). This Athena Media project brings together Irish creatives, including composer Michael Gallen and visual artist Felicity Clear, to re-imagine the stories in a broadcast collaboration with RTÉ lyric fm. Wilde Stories will create a radio broadcast series around the stories as well as a new suite of music written by Michael Gallen and a series of artworks by Felicity Clear and a digital project has also begun with the Wilde Stories site now live. The project has received funding support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (via the TV Licence Fee) and Dublin City Council.

Michael Gallen

Michael Gallen

As part of our thinking around Wilde Stories we've created two bi-lingual e-books (Irish/English) for two of the stories with the Irish translations by Donncha O'Cróinín and two audiobooks in english narrated by Michael Gallen, the young composer behind the Wilde Stories suite of music. The stories are The Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant.

Follow the Wilde Stories Facebook and wildestories.ie to stay up to date with news on the project.