‘First Steps in Audio Podcasting’ – Virtual Workshop via ZOOM.us – Nov 13th

Thinking of starting an audio podcast? Try our virtual session ‘First Steps in Audio Podcasting’ aimed at those wanting to podcast remotely

About this Event

Thinking of starting an audio podcast? Curious about how it all works and how you can make it work? Try our taster session ‘First Steps in Audio Podcasting’ via Zoom.us – aimed at beginners and designed to give you an express workshop on podcasting today, including how to podcast remotely using video conferencing tools or how to record using your smart phone with an app. We offer small discounts for those unemployed or unable to work, including students – just message us and we’ll come back to you. This three hour virtual workshop, presented by experienced and skilled podcasters Helen Shaw and John Howard, of Podcasting Ireland and Athena Media, is aimed at taking the mystery out of podcasting, and offers participants an entry level conversation about podcasting today. Topics covered include : audio storytelling, how to shape a podcast strategy, how to start recording using your smart phone, or a mobile hand held recorder or using remote podcasting tools, like video conferencing, how to grow your recordings and release as podcasts. The workshop will be conducted via video conferencing app ZOOM which is simple and easy to use once you have broadband or wifi and a laptop, which has audio and video enabled, at your base. The workshop is aimed at both personal and professional podcasters, and a ‘How to Podcast Remotely Manual’ is provided at the end of the workshop.
What’s covered? 10am-1pm ( Zoom session will open 9.45 am to check audio and video) 1 What’s a podcast and why should you make one? Why is podcasting growing? 2 What are the elements that make a successful podcast? Let’s explore some success stories we can learn from and how they are made. 3 Where should I begin? First five steps to start podcasting. ‘Start Where you Are’. 4 How can I make podcasts remotely? (we’ll explore using ZOOM.us itself, using your smart phone as well as hand held audio recorders like the Zoom Hn4 and 5.) 5 Key tools, techniques and resources to get you up and going from microphone equipment, podcast platforms and basic editing resources. We aim to get you started immediately. We introduce you to all stages; including a brief over-view of editing, and provide detailed resources, including a ‘how to’ manual, to guide you after the workshop) 6 Next stages : mapping your podcast strategy and creating a pilot to kick start your podcast idea. We give you templates, guidance, and show you examples of what others have done who have worked with us. Several of our recent participants have already launched their own podcasts. We’ll show you how they did it and how you can adapt. Find out more about us onwww.podcastingireland.ie Read what our clients and workshop participants say: http://podcastingireland.ie/?page_id=11 and visit our mother ship www.athenamedia.ie
Helen Shaw leads the podcasting sessions via ZOOM video conferencing and Helen brings her experience in broadcasting radio , award-winning production and digital content creation as well as 14 years in running podcasting channels with Podcasting Ireland. John Howard is an experienced digital editor, an accomplished podcaster, who uses his digital skills to help you advance.