Athena Media’s Ireland-Iceland transmedia project ‘Mother’s Blood, Sister Songs’ launched



New arts & music documentary on RTÉ Lyric fm Dec 29th & Jan 5th.

How the genetics of Iceland reveals its female Irish roots in story and song. 

Acclaimed Irish composer Linda Buckley has a personal and professional affinity to Iceland and in this radio series she teams up with documentary maker Helen Shaw to trace the connections between the two places.

The Icelandic female line goes directly back to gaelic women, mostly taken as slaves, by Norwegian Vikings who settled the land over a thousand years ago. Buckley asks what is the legacy of that biology and what are the physical, cultural and aural traces of that relationship?

An evocative, music-led feature series exploring heritage, language, music, and gender while drawing out the little known stories of the women who mothered Iceland and the sisterhood between the two places. Part 1 broadcast on RTÉ Lyric FM on December 29th 2019, followed by Part 2 on January 5th 2020.


Listen to the podcast series, a companion channel to the RTÉ Lyric fm documentaries with contributions from  guests including Dr Emily Lethbridge, Prof Poul Holm, visual artist Joan Perlman, folklorist Prof. Terry Gunnell, harpist and composer Katie Buckley and musician/poet Melkorka Ólafsdóttir.


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