New Schedule of Podcasting Workshops September & October

First Steps in Audio Podcasting – September 3rd

Thinking of starting an audio podcast? Our virtual session ‘First Steps in Audio Podcasting’ is perfect for those wanting to record remotely.

This three hour virtual workshop, presented by experienced and skilled podcasters Helen Shaw and John Howard, of Podcasting Ireland and Athena Media, is aimed at taking the mystery out of podcasting, and offers participants an entry level conversation about podcasting today.

Make Better Podcasts – Intermediate Podcasting Workshop – September 24th

This half day is aimed at those who have taken our one day How to Podcast workshop or who are already podcasting but want to get better at it.

Improve your audio quality, production approach, episode structure and interview technique to publish audio you can be proud of, expand your listenership to tell stories that have an impact.

Promoting Your Podcast – Digital Visual Storytelling for Podcasters – Oct 1st

Topics covered in the workshop show how to use digital visual skills, storytelling and social media platforms to tell the story of your podcast, and to reach and engage your audience.

We look at accessible ways of adding video and visual content, creating short form video or audio led promotion content and how to design and device a promotional campaign for your project.

We look at social media research and how to match your campaign to your audience.

This workshop is ideal for those who have established a podcast and want to improve its reach and impact, to grow its audience, and their connection and relationship to the podcast.

Workshop is aimed at new podcasters but those with established projects can also benefit from the opportunity to think laterally about promotion, marketing and distribution .

1 What’s a podcast and why should you make one? Why is podcasting growing?

2 What are the elements that make a successful podcast? Let’s explore some success stories we can learn from and how they are made.

3 Where should I begin? First five steps to start podcasting. ‘Start Where You Are’, ‘ Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone’ “Start Small & Grow’ ‘ What’s Your Story and who is Your Audience? ‘ ‘Collaborate’

4 How can I make podcasts remotely? (we’ll explore using itself and using your smart phone as well as hand held audio recorders like the Zoom Hn4 and 5. We’ll also introduce to methods and techniques to get better sound and record locally). We talk sound and how to achieve sound quality remotely. ‘Every person and every place has a sound’.

5 Key tools, techniques and resources to get you up and going from microphone equipment, podcast platforms and basic editing resources. We aim to get you started immediately. We introduce you to all stages; including a brief over-view of audio editing, and provide detailed resources, including a ‘how to’ manual, to guide you after the workshop.) These workshops are small and interactive.

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