UCD :James Joyce

UCD : James Joyce

Project: audio podcasts, audiobooks, website design and hosting around literary, humanities and cultural assets of James Joyce and his work.

“Athena Media has worked with UCD Humanities Institute and the School of English, Drama and Film since 2010 to create high quality multimedia versions of work by and about James Joyce aimed at the interested general reader, educators and students.

Athena has brought great creativity, professionalism and commitment to the process and we have had a wonderful  response to the work they have done for us from readers and teachers. Most recently, the audio version of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man produced by Athena for us attracted more than 2,000 listeners worldwide in the first 2 months of its release.”

 (Photo of Barry McGovern and Sam McGovern narrators of Portrait).

Client: Gerardine Meaney – Director, UCD Humanities Institute at University College Dublin

In December 2009 University College Dublin commissioned Athena Media to create an audio led experience around James Joyce’s celebrated short story ‘The Dead’ the final story in his first publication ‘Dubliners’. We created an audio project and website www.joycesdublin.ie and researched, recorded and released a series of audio podcasts narrated by actor Barry McGovern around the story ‘The Dead’. With added video, music, archives and research links, the site has been used by Joyce scholars around the world since January 2010.

In late 2016 UCD commissioned Athena Media, following a competitive tender, to produce a full audiobook of James Joyce’s novel ‘A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man’ to anchor a new website celebrating 100 years of the novel.