Wilde Stories — Sound-Illustrated Readings of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Happy Prince and Other Tales’


For the times we live in, Athena Media is releasing an audiobook collection of Wilde Stories; beautiful stories by Oscar Wilde read by young Irish actors, with original composition by Michael Gallen, performed for Wilde Stories, by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and RTÉ Cór na nÓg.

The original readings formed part of an RTÉ lyric fm radio series but they’re now presented here for children and adults alike to enjoy. You can find out more about the series on www.wildestories.ie


A collection of readings of Oscar Wilde’s Children’s stories ‘The Happy Prince & Other Tales’ by young Irish acting talent – Robert Sheehan, Lauren Coe and Brian Gleeson, who bring these tales to life with the help of composer Michael Gallen’s original compositions from the Wilde Stories Suite of music, with sound-illustration by producer Helen Shaw. wildestories.ie

Oscar Wilde – The Happy Prince – Reading by Robert Sheehan

Actor Robert Sheehan narrates Wilde Stories, a creative re-imagining of Oscar Wilde through the prism of his fairy tales ‘The Happy Prince and Other Stories’. Robert Sheehan reads The Happy Prince for Episode 1. Read the text version of the story here.

Actor Robert Sheehan


Oscar Wilde – The Devoted Friend – Reading by Lauren Coe

Episode 2 brings us ‘The Devoted Friend’, a story of treachery as innocent young Hans is exploited by the greedy Miller. The story is read here by Irish actor Lauren Coe. Read the text version of the story yourself here.

Actor Lauren Coe


Oscar Wilde – The Remarkable Rocket – Reading by Brian Gleeson

Episode 3 brings us ‘The Remarkable Rocket’, a darkly funny story of a pompous rocket who sees the world through his own self-importance. The story is read by Brian Gleeson. Read the text version of the story yourself here.

Actor Brian Gleeson


Oscar Wilde – The Nightingale and the Rose – Reading by Lauren Coe

Episode 4 centres on ‘The Nightingale and The Rose’, a romantic tragedy read by Lauren Coe. Read the text version of the story yourself  here.


Oscar Wilde – The Selfish Giant – Reading by Brian Gleeson

Episode 5 closes the series with a reading of ‘The Selfish Giant’, a timeless, well loved tale of love and friendship read by Brian Gleeson. The text of the story is available for you to read here

For more on this transmedia project go to wildestories.ie.

And if you want to hear all of Michael Gallen’s Wilde Suite music there’s a podcast playlist of all five pieces here 

The Wilde Stories project was made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland  and the TV licence fee, RTÉ lyric fm and Dublin City Council.  

It is an Athena Media production.